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Corel Painter Essentials

Corel Painter Basics 8 is the photographed painting, drawing and painting programming. Effectively sketch, paint and transform your photographs into compositions with this inventive home computerized craftsmanship studio.

A wide determination of brushes, paints, pens and paper surfaces allows you to add interesting contacts to photographs, make cards and scrapbooks, and complete other tomfoolery projects.

Corel Painter Basics depends on Corel Painter, the world's most impressive painting and representation programming. If you have any desire to accomplish something beyond altering and printing your photographs, Corel Painter Fundamentals is the best method for beginners with advanced craftsmanship.

Make a composition from a photograph in only 3 simple tasks. Sketch or paint on a fresh start to deliver a unique picture, and add imaginative components to any computerized project.

Corel Painter Fundamentals makes it simple to make astounding craftsmanship at any ability level. Effectively sketch, draw or paint on a fresh start with grant-winning Regular Media brushes that are uniquely chosen for fledglings. Find unparalleled photograph painting and cloning instruments that will change your photos into great workmanship just before your eyes. Investigate a wide assortment of painting styles, brushes and photograph impacts that let you make a credible, hand-painted look like clockwork. It's the most regular method for showing your extraordinary character and style.

Produce unbelievable photograph workmanship effortlessly by changing over your most loved photographs into artworks utilizing brain organizing and the strength of a Painter's brush motor! Browse a great scope of man-made intelligence styles for photograph painting, including Striking Watercolor, Hued Pencil, Vivid Touches, Impressionist, Smooth Acrylic, Van Gogh, Watercolor Picture, and Charcoal Drawing.

Corel Painter Essentials 8 Features:
Beginner-friendly UI
  • Application icons. Essentials now feature redesigned icons to make things easier on the eyes, simple to understand, and more efficient to use.
  • Dark UI. A meticulously transformed user interface reveals a darker theme with tool highlighting that allows the interface to melt away and painting to take centre stage.
  • Scrubby Zoom. Overall document manipulation is now smoothly exhilarating. Take advantage of the ability to click and drag so you can zoom in and out of your document with ease.
  • Brush previews. View enhanced dab and stroke previews at-a-glance, saving you tons of time. With improved visuals, we’ve eliminated the need to hover to find the perfect brush.
  • Colour Selector. See how the universal colour selection process throughout Essentials is now a breeze. The updated Color Wheel includes new circular grabbers and a split colour and clone painting preview.
  • Layers. Enjoy unlimited layers, blending with composite methods, adjusting opacity and many workflow enhancements that make for an effortless experience.
  • Property Bar. Streamlined Property bars include modern sliders, simple brush controls, media flyouts, and paper rotation so you can make adjustments in no time.
  • Performance. Essentials can easily Manage memory-intensive operations, such as working on large canvases, scrubby zooming, rotating the canvas, working with layers and brushing, all at top speed.
  • Dab Stencils. Imagine knocking out areas of a brush so that the chosen texture takes centre stage. That is exactly how you can paint with these one-of-a-kind brushes.
  • Dynamic Speckles. Paint with dynamic brushes whose multicoloured speckles generate as you stroke! These brushes are unique to Painter and loved by artists.
  • Glazing. Blend colours like a master with these subtle brushes that allow opacity to build up smoothly along your brushstrokes.
  • Digital Watercolor. See how these brush variants produce controllable watercolour effects that are highly reactive with canvas texture. Now set diffusion, adjust wet fringe and dry paint.
  • Image Hose. Choose from a full library of Image Hose Nozzles so you can spray compelling imagery onto your canvas with the Image Hose variants included in the F-X category.
  • Artists. Mimic the Masters by adding multicoloured Impressionist dabs, Sargent swirly flair, and Van Gogh chunky paint to your masterpiece.
  • Blenders. Use these standout Painter brushes to perfectly blend painted strokes and artfully finish your work.
  • F-X. Obtain an array of creative results by either playfully impacting existing canvas content or by adding memorable strokes to a blank canvas.
  • Particles. Experience an infinite number of creative possibilities with these physics-inspired brushes that spring, flow, glow and gravitate onto the canvas.
Industry Acclaimed Brushes
  • Brush Selector. Explore 15 brush categories, including 23 new brushes, and easily choose brushes from distinct brush dab and stroke previews at-a-glance, no hover required.
  • Brushes. Enjoy a custom selection of digital art media types comprised of award-winning Natural-Media and Painter signature brushes, selected just for beginners.
  • Brush Controls. Brush optimization is in your hands. Modify brush variants to suit your needs using the many different adjustment options such as size, opacity, grain, texture and more.
Powerful photo-painting tools
  • Auto-Painting. No experience is required! From the Photo Painting palette, open a photo, choose an Auto-Paint AI or SmartStroke style, and watch your painting transform before your eyes.
  • Clone Painting. Open your image and click “show tracing paper” from the Photo Painting palette. Use the Photo Painting Brushes, or any other brush in Essentials by clicking the Clone colour from the source button.
  • Tracing. Open your image and click “show tracing paper” from the Photo Painting palette. Choose any brush and your preferred colour to paint with while using the photo as your guide.
  • Artificial Intelligence-based photo painting. Choose from an impressive range of AI-based styles that convert your favourite photos into paintings using Neural Networking and the strength of Painter’s brush engine.
  • Flow Map Textures. Now select from a library of Flow Maps and Paper Textures to ensure interesting canvas expression in your paintings.
  • Brush Tracking. The pressure of your stylus on a tablet determines the density and width of your strokes. Each artist uses a different pressure level and you can adjust Essentials to match Brush Tracking!
  • Custom Brush Palette. Shift and drag your favourite brush variants into a custom brush palette for easy access and modify the preview to display as small or large icons.
  • Effects. Make colour and canvas adjustments using this exciting menu of effects including options to apply lighting & texture, warp, woodcut, sketch and more.
  • Mirror and Kaleidoscope. Paint in perfect symmetry with Mirror painting and create beautiful Mandalas using the Kaleidoscope tool.
Changes in Corel Painter Essentials 8:
  • NEW and ENHANCED Painting tools
  • NEW Color options
  • NEW Artificial Intelligence
  • ENHANCED Document and layer control

Apple support

  • NEW Touch Bar Support
  • NEW Sidecar Support
  • NEW Apple Pencil Tilt
  • NEW Apple Artificial Intelligence

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