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ProDAD ProDRENALIN has the most modern gear to optimize your action cam, drone and telephone movies along with expert outcomes and storyboard function.

The all-new ProDRENALIN 2 Plus is a dream come actual for avid actioncam and aerial drone customers. And is the best device for refining tough video pictures with next-degree corrections for warped, shaky and jittery videos this is additionally in want of huge photo cleanup.

ProDrenalin Plus handles all that effortlessly and provides cool clear-out outcomes to the video, and a new industry-fashionable palette of modifying gear that makes superior clip modifying a snap. Simply put, an application can rescue unusable videos and remodel so-so videos into fantastic movies.

Faster, more potent in each way. ProDRENALIN V2 Plus is so chock complete with many upgrades and overall performance enhancements that it’s nearly not possible to list it all, however right here are among the biggies:

  • Lots of recent and standardized modifying workflows were implemented, making ProDrenalin Plus less difficult to apply for customers who use of ProDrenalin & a conventional NLE together.

  • GPU-enabled, which extensively quickens video evaluation and different processes, optimized for multi-centre processors.

  • Capable of processing as much as 8K UHD decision clips

Action cameras are brilliant for shooting life’s maximum exceptional adventures even though every so often with a few changes they may be even better. ProDRENALIN is a ridiculously easy and lower-priced device for mechanically eliminating fisheye and attitude distortion, stabilizing, correcting rolling-shutter, or even de-noising the video.

proDAD ProDRENALIN Features:
Fix wonky colours

with all-new advanced pro-grade colour correction. Complete with an all-new automatic correction mode or extensive manual adjustment of brightness, contrast, and white balance. And tint to get that perfect look, and even a histogram to monitor changes as you make them.

Add video filter effects

to feature a few sizzles for your clips with dozens of proDAD’s expert video clear-out consequences which may be carried out in my view to a clip and might also be managed with key-frames if desired, and display screen position, rotation, and scaling are completely adjustable. Popular vignettes, the film looks spotlight, colour, and black & white consequences provide your clips that expert look.

Shape things up even more

with the rolling-shutter correction to correct skew distortion and newly enhanced video de-noising and sharpening that not only yields better correction than before but is also significantly faster.

Work smarter not harder

with new project management tools which allow you to save projects with a unique name and load them again later, and even save your camera profile and select settings for future use with new projects. New keyboard shortcuts and enhanced timeline controls give you the power of a big-name editor but without all the complexity. Preview everything in real-time before exporting so you know you’ve got it right.

Bye-bye fisheye!

ProDRENALIN V2 In addition presents recently upgraded camera profiles for all significant activity cameras and a large number and DSLR cameras that all the more realistic level distorted still pictures and video, and give choices to physically change a camera profile on the fly assuming you really want to change a standard profile. Need to keep the fisheye look yet have to settle the video? Don't sweat it, the new V2 camera profiles are advanced for this.

Tell the story fast

the new Storyboard feature, allows you to arrange your clips into a rough-cut movie, even split longer clips into individual ones and preview everything in real time There is even a clever little magnifying glass to zoom in and check things out close up. Export the clips individually for sharing on social media. Or combined together as a rough movie to be polished further with an NLE.

New export format options

give you loads more choices to meet your exacting needs. AVC/H.264 (.mp4 or .mov), H.265 (.mov), Apple ProRes (.mov), Motion JPEG (.mov), generic .AVI, Canopus HQ/HQX (.avi), and YES…GoPro Cineform is all supported now. Export individual clips or export many clips together with batch processing.

What’s new in proDAD ProDrenalin 2:
Media storage:
  • Media storage can (as a storyboard) be configured to arrange the videos according to the time they were taken.
  • A thumbnail is displayed for each video.
  • All videos can be exported separately from each other or together as one video.
  • Drag & drop option
  • Copy/Paste option
  • Videos can be accessed directly, via Explorer for example. This means that the insert position can be chosen at the same time.
  • The video order can be changed using drag & drop.
  • The video file name can be changed.
  • The path or the file name of several videos can be changed in one step.
  • IN/OUT and the start/end point of the videos can be altered numerically.
  • IN/OUT can be set for several videos in one step.
  • IN/OUT can also be set relative to the video's start or end.
Colour correction:
  • The histogram to visualise the distribution of colour and brightness in the image is available. Alterations can be seen very quickly during video playback.
  • Comprehensive and professional colour correction
  • Remove colour cast (super simple)
  • Film looks (like in cinema blockbusters)
  • Targeted enhancement/alteration of colour, brightness, contrast and tone
  • Toning
  • Tone curve
  • Split toning
  • Colour channels
  • Fully automatic image enhancement
  • Dynamic contrast
  • ActionCam videos in particular are dramatically improved. They are more lively and show greater depth.
  • Differences in brightness compared
Image correction:
  • Remove noise/sharpen the image (much better and faster than in v1)
  • Improved video stabilisation
  • Can deal with fisheye video
  • Video analysis is twice as fast
  • A combination of stabilisation and removal of fisheye optics is possible without any loss of quality or black edges.
  • All videos can be analysed in one go.
  • Improved correction of CMOS sensor distortion
  • Three-step wobble and jello effect removal feature.
  • Even the extreme jello effect can now be removed.
  • Optical correction/effect:
  • New camera profile for fisheye processing and for better stabilisation
  • Improved fisheye removal.
  • There is now an option to edit the intrinsic camera parameters.
  • Video stabilisation of fisheye video without harming the fisheye optics.
  • Aberrant lines can be corrected
  • Works with “normal” images and also with fisheye images as well as in combination with fisheye removal.
  • Correction is needed especially frequently in this case because a slanted camera often cannot be recognised in spherical optics. However, after the spherical optics have been removed, the slanted camera position often remains a disruptive effect.
Importing video/photo:
  • A video can be divided automatically into scenes during import. This is important for better control of stabilisation and other options for correction.
  • Extra import formats are available (Canopus HQ, Canopus HQX, GoPro Cineform, etc.).
  • A directory with still images can also be loaded as a video sequence.
Exporting video/photo:
  • Export encoding in 8-bit and 16-bit (previously, only 8-bit was available)
  • Extra export formats (e.g. Canopus HQX)
  • Export properties can be selected
  • The current image position can be saved as a single frame (photo snapshot).
  • The effect parameter can be controlled using Keyframes
  • Image position, rotation and scaling
  • Vignette effect
  • Spotlight effect
  • Project management: Loading, saving etc.
  • Users can make their own effect templates
  • User’s effects can only affect defined effect parameters using filter options
  • Templates can be displayed filtered by name
  • Templates are managed in a tree structure
  • Can be arranged according to user preference
  • Copy/Paste option
  • Import/export option
  • Drag & drop option
  • The template last used can be cancelled or made again.
  • Scalable
  • Can be controlled using shortcuts
  • Video can be cut at the current position with just one click
  • Selectable playback speed
  • Switch between Trim and Edit
  • Scalable
  • Contextual menu to control playback
  • Improve real-time playback
  • Control using media buttons (found on most keyboards)
  • Control using the numeric keypad
  • Alteration of an interface according to user preference
  • Batch editing
  • Improved and more consistent
Edit several videos together :
  • All changes are applied to all selected videos in media storage.
  • Colour correction
  • Position adjustment
  • Trimming
  • Stabilisation
  • Optical corrections
  • Use of templates
  • Changes to properties
Technical :
  • 16-bit colour workflow throughout
  • 8k videos can be edited
  • Optimised utilisation of multi-core systems
  • Displays more details on codecs and format used

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