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SecuPerts First Aid Kit Boot ISO License KEY Giveaway

First Aid Kit protects you from data loss and Windows problems. When simply nothing works anymore or troublesome viruses and Trojans are making your life miserable! Be prepared for emergencies – with the SecuPerts First Aid Kit.

SecuPerts First Aid Kit is a Live OS that runs thru bootable force. It gives diverse restore gear to get returned information from unstartable Windows systems.

SecuPerts First Aid Kit is a separate working machine that runs as a stay OS with the aid of using a USB flash force or DVD. This emergency toolkit lets you troubleshoot the issues which include your Windows machine doesn’t boot up anymore otherwise you can't get the right of entry to the laptop because of malicious assaults which include viruses, trojans, malware, etc.

SecuPerts First Aid Kit gives 6 modules to recover/get right of entry to your information

Backup your information Perform a nearby or faraway backup at the document machine stage of your information. Local backups may be written to any supported document machine. A faraway backup may be completed to WebDAV or CIFS (Windows) shares.

Search for viruses The peculiar behaviour of PCs is regularly due to malicious software programs. Use this device to get rid of malicious software programs although they can't be detected or eliminated from inside Windows.

Recover misplaced documents Search for misplaced documents on broken difficult drives. Search for misplaced documents on by accident formatted difficult drives or by accident deleted documents on difficult drives.

Export all drives related to this laptop could be exported as a Windows community percentage. You can then connect with this percentage from any PC in your community.

Clone your difficult disk Clone the inner difficult force to a brand new force. Unreadable blocks could be attempted numerous times, accordingly, the harm may be minimized.

Erase your difficult force This permits wiping all of the documents saved at the difficult force. After deletion documents can't be recovered anymore.

Back up data

Back up all your data. Locally or on the network, including Cloud support (WebDAV or CIFS shares). We recommend: Regularly creating a complete image backup of your entire hard drive!

Clone hard drives

Is your hard drive displaying errors? Clone any hard drive to an at least equally large drive - corrupted blocks are read multiple times and can often be restored.

Virus Scan

Erratic behaviour on the part of PCs is often caused by malicious software. Find and remove it, even if these pests can't be deleted in Windows! Contains technology from Avira!

Share drives

All drives connected to your computer can be shared as Windows network drives, giving you access to them from any computer on the network.

Recover data

Track down and restore accidentally deleted files such as photos, videos and text documents on your disks. Also helps in case of accidentally formatted hard drives!

Delete a hard drive

Looking to sell a computer or hard drive? Can't remove a persistent virus from your hard drive? With the First-Aid Kit, you can irreversibly delete all saved data.

⛔The First Aid Kit isn't a software program that runs at once out of your Windows machine. First, you want to unzip the downloaded documents and create a bootable force with the use of a USB flash force or DVD.

The Features of SecuPerts First Aid Kit at a Glance

  • Backup the data
  • Search for viruses
  • Recover lost files
  • Clone hard the disk
  • Export all drives
  • Erase the hard drive



The First Aid Kit will not run straight away from your Windows system. First, you need to make a bootable drive by writing those files onto a separate storage device such as a USB flash drive or DVD.


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