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WinGate 9.4.5 Build 6015 - Proxy Server

WinGate Proxy Server is a sophisticated integrated Internet gateway and communications server designed to meet the control, security and communications needs of today’s businesses.

Notwithstanding a thorough scope of elements, WinGate Intermediary Server's permit choices give you the adaptability to match your requirements to your financial plan, whether you want to deal with a venture, private company, or home organization.

WinGate will share most sorts of Web associations easily. It permits various clients to at the same time ride the web and recover their email. Likewise,, they are ready to talk with web-based information, as though they were straightforwardly associated with the Web.

Whether it is a straightforward dial-up modem or greetings tech broadband arrangement, WinGate can assist with making the most out of the association.

WinGate will deal with demands from a wide assortment of Web applications and Web conventions. Like Internet browsers, Informing programming, FTP and SSL. WinGate likewise upholds DirectPlay Web games and Continuous Real-time Sound/Video.

With WinGate's client information base and arrangements, guardians and directors the same can restrict and control clients' admittance to the web. That allows you effectively to look at the logging, examining, and a constant movement and history watcher - definite records of client exercises. This pursues WinGate an ideal decision for Web bistros and organization directors who work in conditions where need to screen intently Web access needs.

WinGate comes total with an implicit firewall t. It guarantees that every Web association is protected from assaults by programmers and interlopers from the Web. Your organization's security can be additionally upgraded with discretionary module parts, accessible separately, which will check approaching information for infections, or channel out unseemly substances. This gives true serenity to the two guardians and organization directors, so you should rest assured that your family or collaborators are utilizing the Web suitably.

WinGate Key Capabilities:

  • Give secure and oversaw Web access for your whole organization through a solitary or numerous common web associations
  • Implement progressed and adaptable access control and OK use strategies
  • Screen utilization progressively, and keep up with per-client and per-administration review logs.
  • Stop infections, spam and unseemly substance from entering your organization
  • Give exhaustive web and intranet email administrations.
  • Shield your servers from interior or outside dangers.
  • Further, develop network execution and responsiveness with web and DNS reserving
  • Ease organization troubles in your interior organizations.

Key Advantages:

  • Further developed Representative efficiency
  • Limited time and assets expected to keep up with network respectability
  • Decreased Boss liabilities
  • Further developed productivity, responsiveness and unwavering quality of organization access

Changes in WinGate 9.4.5 Build 6015 (2022-10-28):
  • Fix IMAP: additional parameter validation for AUTHENTICATE, SELECT, SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE, STATUS, APPEND, EXPUNGE, STORE, UID functions.
  • Fix: IMAP: fixed returned sequence numbers for SEARCH command
  • Fix: IMAP: fixed returned sequence numbers for the SORT command
  • Fix Pattern matching: Fixed locale dependency for case-insensitive string comparisons in pattern matching.
  • Fix: HTTP: fixed write access to Version member in the Request object
  • Fix: Policy Map lookup item: fixed crash in map lookup item when clicking sort header
  • Fix Policy Map lookup item: store edit control value when dialogue closed if currently editing. Previously lost edit.
  • New: HTTP: Added UpdateURL function to HTTPRequestMessage object, so you can specify a new destination URL for requests with a single URL string.
  • New: Policy: Added a second logical output to the Map Lookup item, which allows you to define different behaviour when the searched value isn’t found in the map.
  • Fix SSL Inspection: Fixed an issue with certificate generation for SSL inspection affecting Chrome users.
  • Fix SSL: deprecated MD5 and SHA1 hash algorithms for use in signatures in certificate generation.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (64-bit only).


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