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Advanced Mouse Manager 2.6.0

Rebind the Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 buttons, and create separate profiles for diverse applications, with this user-pleasant software program application

Take manipulation of your mouse. Set the Fourth and Fifth buttons of your mouse to any keyboard key or key mixture you pick out. Create precise profiles for every software. This device lets you override your mouse's Fourth and Fifth Buttons to generate keyboard key movements as opposed to their default use as returned/ahead shortcuts. You may even alternate which keys are used relying on which software you are using. Multiple profiles allow you to pick out among not unusual place key makes use of for every software thru the accessible Tray icon.

Advanced Mouse Manager is an offshoot of the famous Mouse Manager tray icon application that provides software primarily based on profiles and translations.

Mouse Manager takes gain of the overall disuse of those more buttons via way of means of letting you reconfigure what takes place whilst you press them. Namely, it lets you set those buttons to any keyboard key or collection of keys you pick out. So, in case you set the Fifth Button to the letters H, E, L, L, and O, each time you press the Fifth Button for your mouse, your laptop will suppose you typed "hello" on the keyboard.

Each set of substitute instructions or macro instructions, for the fourth and 5th mouse buttons, are saved in a profile, and every profile may be enabled thru the accessible Tray icon.

The interface of Mouse Manager is extraordinarily easy. Most of the time, you possibly might not even be aware of it after you've got configured it, however, the Tray icon will usually be there if you need to toggle a profile or flip off this system for a moment. The real interface is opened with an unmarried left-click on the Tray icon, which includes 3 easy tabs: Settings, Profiles, and About. The Settings tab is reasonably easy: The pinnacle checkbox, labelled "Enable Mouse Manager" definitely turns the capability of this system on or off while not having to forestall and restart this system. If you ever want to head returned to the regular use of your mouse, you may simply uncheck this field and hit the "Save" button. Below this is the all-important "Start with Windows" checkbox: possibilities are you will need this checked so that you do not need to open Mouse Manager yourself each time your laptop starts.

If you’re seeking out a mouse that has more facet buttons, there are masses of fashions to pick out from. However, it isn't always usually viable to rebind them, as now no longer all gadgets come geared up with configuration software programs.

Advanced Mouse Manager is a computing device software that permits you to assign any keyboard feature to the Mouse four and Mouse five buttons, even as additionally permitting you to create profiles for a couple of applications.

Great device for customers who can’t alternate their facet button bindings
Most mouse producers offer customers software program that permits them to rebind all extra mouse buttons, however, this isn't always usually the case, and the alternatives are, in a few cases, pretty limited.

Advanced Mouse Manager may be beneficial no matter which mouse you're using because it lets you configure the facet buttons to generate keyboard movements to update the default returned/ahead shortcuts.

Create profiles for exceptional applications
Naturally, you can want to apply exceptional key bindings for diverse packages or games, and configuring them on every occasion you open a brand new software isn't always the fine solution.

Thankfully, Advanced Mouse Manager permits you to create profiles for any software, with the purpose to be activated routinely while its miles open. You can both pick one from the listing of energetic tactics or browse the software’s executable file.

An unobtrusive device that runs withinside the device tray
Once you've got configured everything, you may simply near the primary window and depart the software jogging withinside the device tray. You can allow or disable it from the context menu, in addition, to sparking off or deactivating diverse profiles.

All in all, Advanced Mouse Manager is an especially easy software that could assist our customers who can’t configure the facet buttons on their mouse. It lets you bind them to any keyboard movements, and it even helps a couple of profiles.

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit
  • Windows 8 32/64 bit
  • Windows 7 32/64 bit
  • Windows Vista 32/64 bit
  • Windows XP 32/64 bit

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