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Dooble Browser 2022.11.15

Browse your favourite websites and download files from online destinations with the help of this easy-to-use, intuitive piece of software

Not having an internet browser on your pc is out of the question, considering that it's far your gateway to the web world. In case you're thinking about which browser to choose, observe that every utility in this class has its advantages, so deciding on one generally will become a count of private preference. While the foremost gamers may appear attractive simply with the aid of using popularity, there also are smaller browsers that convey to the desk unique capabilities that would simply make you need to seal the deal. Such an instance is Dooble.

Dooble Web Browser is an open-source and cross-platform Internet browser. It mainly focuses on user privacy and security.

To leave as few traces as possible, the Clean Containers tool gives you full control over cookies and cleans your private data with just a click of the mouse. Your bookmarks, history, cache and cookies will be deleted.

The browser also includes a download manager and a file manager to browse your folders without returning to the desktop. The Dooble web browser comes with an integrated FTP client, an IRC client, and more.

The browser is relatively easy to learn and is based on the rendering engines Qt and WebKit.

An easy and transportable internet browser 
Released below an open-supply license, Dooble affords a cross-platform, compact and transportable browser that maintains the entirety easily, whilst emphasizing safety and privateness greater than something else.  To be greater specific, you get an easy Internet browser with a function set that permits statistics encryption, custom area regulations, personal instances, and different such functionality, as unique below.

But let’s begin from the beginning. As referred to before, Dooble is transportable, so there's no want to undergo a tedious set-up process. The browser is prepared to be used as quickly as you double-click on the executable record withinside the downloaded archive.

The fundamental window well-known shows a layout that would appear a piece outdated, however, this is because of the truth that the point of interest of Dooble is elsewhere. On the brilliant side, the browser comes with assistance for a couple of tabs and a couple of personal instances.

Domain white and blacklist 
Dooble permits you to outline a listing of frequent and locked domains, jogging in both the “take delivery of mode” or the “block mode”. You can personalize those area regulations without a whole lot of trouble and upload a web page you go to or its whole area as an exception, all with some clicks. Certificate exceptions also can be set in place.

A vital part of online privacy is coping with the lines you go away in the back of whilst navigating online. Luckily, Dooble capabilities proxy assist and a cookie control device that permits you to erase cookies from your pc and set a custom cookie policy. Additionally, the cache and the surfing records may be controlled without difficulty in Dooble.

A safety pass-word may be created for Dooble, from the Settings area, withinside the Privacy tab.  When credentials are configured, Dooble manages to shop your statistics in authentically-encrypted databases.

A fundamental browser with numerous safety capabilities 
With authenticated encryption, content material blocking, cookie and hint control and subject customization assistance, Dooble give numerous safety-associated capabilities supposed to streamline greater comfortable surfing sessions. While the GUI appears to be probably a piece outworn, the safety-orientated function set makes up for it.

  • Authenticated encryption
  • Content blocking
  • Exceptions
  • FTP browser
  • File manager
  • Generate PDF files via a terminal
  • Gopher browser
  • PowerPC
  • Preferred SSL/TLS ciphers
  • Private browsing
  • Qt 4.7.x, 4.8.x, and 5.x support
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Session restoration
  • Simple bookmark system
  • Temporary sessions

RUNS ON: Windows 11 & Windows 10 32/64 bit

Download Dooble Browser 2022.11.15

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