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ABBYY TextGrabber Premium For Android & iOS

ABBYY TextGrabber is a record change device that will perceive text in 60+ dialects progressively from video transfers or photographs and afterwards make an interpretation of them to the language you wish. The outcome transforms right into it, for example, joins, telephone numbers, and email addresses… and becomes interactive. You likewise can digitize and interpret books, manuals, promotions, a PC, or a television screen.

Perceive text in 60+ dialects progressively:

In a flash catch text from live video transfer or photograph. The outcome transforms right into it: joins, telephone numbers, email addresses, road locations, times and dates become interactive. You can follow, call, email, track down on maps and make occasions. Acknowledgement is performed on the gadget, no Web association is required.

Decipher text on the camera screen:

Continuous Interpretation straightforwardly on the camera screen without taking photographs into 100+ dialects on the web (full-text interpretation) and 10 dialects disconnected (word-by-word interpretation). With TextGrabber, you can digitize and interpret books, manuals, promotions, a PC or television screen - practically any text!

Your document is consistently within reach:

Never lose perceived and deciphered texts and QR codes - every one of your outcomes is saved ever, where you can without much of a stretch read, join or erase them.

ABBYY TextGrabber +OCR Interpreter allows you to examine and decipher any printed text from the picture. A helpful efficient device for anybody who gets a kick out of the chance to write down a ton of notes on their telephone, as it can snatch messages without the requirement for any composing whatsoever.

This ABBYY application is accessible for both Android and iOS clients. This application is a reasonable choice to research and Interpret and is very down to earth. It's helpful, especially assuming you're voyaging or living abroad.

Open the application, point your camera at some text and it will interpret it for you.

TextGrabber utilizes the Telephone's camera to take pictures of messages in archives like books, magazines, or lists.

The application can then peruse the message in the photograph and convert it into a message document that it stores on the Telephone. You can alter the message utilizing your telephone's on-screen console, play out a quest for related data on the web, email it to a companion or partner, or reorder it into other applications.

Key Features:

  • Recognize text in 60+ languages in real-time
  • Translate text on the camera screen
  • Read QR codes and share results
  • Your archive is always at hand


  • This is a 1-year license
  • Non-commercial use
  • You will get free updates and free tech support
  • Register before this offer has ended

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Step 1. Install ABBYY TextGrabber using one of the links

Step 2. Open the app and tap the “Menu” in the bottom left corner, then tap “More” in the top left corner.

Step 3. Tap and hold the ‘’About’’ option until you are asked to enter a code
Enter code:

Download Link:

Play Store        App Store

License KEY: CHIPTG2022


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