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Firefox 107.0.1 is Finally Out With Another Fix For Windows 11 & Fix Bugs

Mozilla has issued a minor bug fix update to its Firefox Browser. Version 107.0.1 is now available in the Release channel, providing various enhancements and bug fixes, such as hangs while copying phone number links in Windows 11 2022 Update using the Suggested Actions feature (version 22H2). Other issues that have been repaired include difficulties with Private Browsing mode, Color Management, minor UI errors, and more.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time Windows 11 22H2 Update and its Suggested Actions feature have put a wrench in Firefox. Mozilla had to release an update earlier this month to resolve problems that occurred in similar instances.

Accessibility problems in the browser's private browsing mode are another fault that has been solved in this update. Firefox's private browsing mode with Enhanced Tracking Protection set to tight has limited functionality on websites with anti-adblocking programs installed. According to the bug report, the problem seems to have only affected Some French websites.

Here is the changelog for Mozilla Firefox 107.0.1:
  • Because of an anti-adblocker, reliable access to specific sites was not possible in private browsing mode or stringent ETP (bug 1717806).
  • Colour management now works properly for certain users (bug 1799391).
  • A problem with overlapping text in several regional settings menus has been resolved (bug 1800379).
  • Corrects an issue with the new Windows 11 22H2 suggested actions feature that caused a hang while copying phone number links (bug 1798098).
  • When a warning message is displayed, access to the DevTools UI is denied (bug 1801840).
Firefox 107, a major update published on November 15, primarily resolves multiple security concerns in the browser and improves speed on Windows 11 22H2, as well as providing power usage data for Linux and Mac users.

In addition, Mozilla has made available to Beta channel users a Beta Version of Firefox 108, the Firefox browser, with WebMIDI enabled by default. WebMIDI is an API that allows web browsers to support MIDI, making it easier for musicians to interact with music on the web.

Mozilla Firefox is compatible with all current macOS, Linux, and Windows versions, including the now-defunct Windows 7. Mozilla is considering extending Firefox support on Windows 7 until August 2023, as the beloved operating system approaches the end of the extended security update program (in January 2023).

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