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McAfee Total Protection 16.0 R50

McAfee Total Protection offers complete PC protection for your online life. It gives you a full set-up of items, giving you the best safeguard against infections, spyware, and other web-based dangers.

McAfee Total Protection bundle was intended to give exhaustive, proactive 12-in-1 security that watches what you esteem and McAfee SiteAdvisor Also effectively safeguards your PC from communication with perilous Sites.

This McAfee Antivirus Programming incorporates multi-client Parental Controls, and security from wholesale fraud, spam, and tricks. Likewise, it includes a backup and reestablish capacity for PC crashes and natural incidents.

With McAfee's security administration you generally have the most recent upgrades and danger refreshes that block infections and spyware. Likewise, it incorporates a firewall to prevent hacking.

McAfee All-out Security gives a strong blend of execution, exactness, and supporting assurances to get crooks far from your PC and information. Perceivability and control will assist you with dealing with your children's Web use to allow their tomfoolery and your genuine serenity.

McAfee Total Protection Features:

Quicker and more straightforward
  • Custom booking. Plan customary sweeps for your gadgets and their circles and envelopes.
  • New basic connection point. Natural connection point enhanced by gadget, giving you moment admittance to all security highlights.
  • Quicker filters. Filter applications and documents in 60 seconds and guarantee your PC is secured.

Unlimited devices

  • Safeguard limitless gadgets. Safeguard a boundless number of gadgets for you, and your loved ones.
  • Halfway made due. Secure every one of your gadgets from one easy-to-utilize console.
  • Across all gadgets. One security answer for your work area is tablet, versatile and wearable innovation.
  • One single membership. Only one membership covers generally your security needs.

Safe search with SiteAdvisor
  • Safeguarded mode. Keep clients from getting to or downloading from known dangerous locales.
  • Virtual entertainment insurance. Get variety-coded risk appraisals for joins posted on famous informal organizations like Facebook.
  • Site rating. See viewable signs featuring the security status of web crawler results.
  • Secure pursuit. Stop dangerous locales showing up in query items, with a solid hunt bar expansion.

Personal firewall

  • Modified security. Guard against undermining action - modify the degree of assurance to your requirements.
  • Complex channels. Block dubious approaching web traffic and projects attempting to take your information.
  • Control network access. Screen what data goes between gadgets in your organization.
  • Malevolent application block. Block vindictive applications attempting to send your own information over the web.

  • Pernicious application assurance. Forestall unlawful establishment of pernicious applications on your cell phone.
  • Application lock. Lock your applications with PIN codes to confine admittance to others utilizing your gadget.
  • Application security assurance. Control what individual information and gadget work an application can access and change.
  • Memory cleanup. Close undesirable foundation applications to let loose memory, further develop speed and save power.

Shield your Mobile

  • Back up, reestablish and wipe. Somewhat back up, reestablish or clear your own data off of a lost cell phone.
  • S.O.S. Get a crisis area update from your lost telephone when its battery runs short.
  • Find your versatile. Find and lock your lost cell phone utilizing your concentrated McAfee account.
  • CaptureCam. Have your taken telephone's area shipped off your record, alongside a photograph of the criminal.

Anti-spam protection

  • Anti-spam filtering. Keep spontaneous messages from coming to your inbox.
  • Anti-spyware. Stop spyware tainting your gadgets and offering your information to outsiders.
  • Phishing assurance. Auto-identify messages attempting to open you to malware or stunt you into offering your information.

Parental control features
  • Content channels. Block or permit sites given your youngsters' age.
  • Screen-using time effectively. Set up a timetable to limit how much time your youngster can spend on the web.
  • Safe pursuit channels. Tailor web search tool well-being channels to reject improper substances naturally.
  • Kid movement log. Figure out who is visiting obstructed locales or going internet-based external planned hours.

True Key – password manager (5 users)
  • Biometric login. Sign in without passwords - sign in with facial acknowledgement or a unique finger impression.
  • Secure auto-login. Sign in naturally - Genuine Key enters your login subtleties and secret key for you.
  • Secret word storage. Store your passwords locally on your gadget and sync them to your profile.
  • Completely synchronized. Consequently, synchronize your passwords across your gadgets utilizing your profile.

Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows 11, 10, 8.1 fully patched (32- and 64-bit)
  • macOS 10.15 and above
  • macOS 10.12 – 10.14
  • Google Android smartphones and tablets 7 or higher
  • Apple iOS 13 or later

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