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RIOT 1.0.1 Free Image Optimizer

RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) is a free image optimizer that allows you to visually alter compression parameters while maintaining the smallest possible file size. It compares the original and optimized images in real-time and displays the resulting file size in a side by side (dual view) or single view interface.

It is lightweight, quick, and easy to use, but powerful enough for advanced users. You will be able to control compression, color depth, metadata settings, and much more, as well as choose an image format (JPG, GIF, or PNG) for your output file.

RIOT may also be used as a plug-in with popular applications such as The GIMP, IrfanView, and XnView.

RIOT is a program that allows you to minimize the size of photographs for your webpages.

The tool's UI is sleek and straightforward. Images may be imported using the file browser or the "drag and drop" approach (batch processing is also supported).

You have numerous alternatives depending on the file format - JPEG, GIF, or PNG.

As a result, you may modify JPEG parameters (for example, adjust quality, pick chrome subsampling, and apply a grayscale filter), metadata settings (for example, delete IPTC information and the EXIF profile), and picture tweaks (e.g. brightness, contrast, gamma).

For GIF and PNG extensions, you can choose the color reduction method, specify the value to which the colors should be reduced, and choose the color quantization algorithm.

Additionally, you can zoom in and out of images, switch to batch mode, rotate, flip or resample images, switch to full screen mode, disable dual view, use external optimizers and more.

The application requires a low to moderate amount of system resources and includes a well-drawn help file with tips. We didn't experience any issues in our testing.

In fact, RIOT is an excellent tool for optimizing image files and we highly recommend it to all users.
Main features of RIOT:
  • open many image types including rare/scientific types
  • save and optimize JPEG, GIF and PNG with a simple, clean user interface
  • automatic optimization selects the most suitable format and parameters
  • works in dual view: (original – optimized image) or single view (optimized image). automatic preview of resulting image
  • in-place compare function (alternativelly display the original image over the optimized image to notice small pixel changes)
  • compress files to desired filesize threshold
  • fast processing
  • batch support (process multiple files at once)
  • transparency handling options
  • decide if you want to keep metadata (comments, IPTC, Adobe XMP, EXIF profiles, ICC profiles).
  • transfer metadata between image formats (destination format must support them)
  • common tools: pan and zoom, rotate, flip
  • basic image adjustments: brightness, contrast, gamma, invert
  • visually reduce number of unique colors for PNG and GIF images in order to reduce filesize
(two quantization methods are available: Xiaolin Wu and NeuQuant neural net)
  • resize image by using well known resample filters (ex: Lanczos3, Catmull Rom, Bicubic, and others)
  • out-of-the-box support for external PNG optimizers (optipng, pngout, etc)
  • the compression and the results are comparable to those of commercial products, even higher.
  • Adaptive logarithmic tone mapping algorithm (Drago) used for HDR images
Input image types
  • common bitmap images as well as Adobe Photoshop PSD files
  • popular HDR formats and RAW camera images
  • rare/scientific types (up to 128 bpp, integer and floating point)


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