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Sidekick By PushPlayLabs

Bring collectively all of your network equipment and net apps beneath neath one roof and decorate your online productivity with the assistance of this progressive Chromium-primarily based totally browser

Whether we are well known or now no longer, browsers are likely the maximum vital equipment we've got at our disposal currently. The blessings of cutting-edge net browsers are immeasurable, and greater regularly than now no longer, take the whole lot they provide for granted.

However, now no longer all browsers are created equal: a few are higher than others with regards to improving productivity, a few are greater privacy-focused, a few appear higher and run smoother, and a few have fewer well-known compatibility troubles than others. One component is clear, though - no browser is ideal.

Ask yourself this: what is the only largest shortcoming of maximum cutting-edge browsers? The solution may marvel you, mainly thinking about the character of Internet browsers in well-known: strolling net apps.

What is Sidekick?

Because personnel at paintings spend the maximum of their time operating in net packages, Sidekick's objective is to reimagine the browser UX around apps, so that you can create a higher manner to paintings withinside the maximum effective packages on the net.

Sidekick makes all wished apps to be had withinside the sidebar, and additionally offers unmarried sign-on capabilities, giving customers get entry to all wished apps simultaneously. Sidekick additionally collects notifications and messages from apps and makes those on hand as well. Alerts may be customized or muted. Additionally, Sidekick gives a unifying seek bar that tracks pastimes in all related apps and browser history.

This is precisely why Sidekick turned into created, and it is also why it is virtually worth your attention.

Sidekick - The ideal browser does now no longer exists...
So, what's Sidekick, and what makes it so special? Sidekick may be thoroughly appeared as a normal Chromium-primarily based totally browser that offers all of the blessings of the stated engine. However, thinking about it simply as an internet browser may not do it justice.

Sidekick is greater of a "paintings OS primarily based totally on the Chromium browser." Its predominant motive is to offer you a higher manner of operating with a couple of net apps, and it makes massive strides to shy away from the conventional workflow hired through maximum browsers - tabs, tabs, and greater tabs.

A browser constructed especially for net apps

We all recognize that operating with a conventional net browser finally ends in tab litter. Opting for computing device apps on your favourite net apps is a solution, however,, it is from ideal. In short, maximum cutting-edge browsers be afflicted by a loss of integration of net apps with the relaxation of your online paintings.

Sidekick fixes this by making you much less reliant on tabs. Instead, you may get entry to all of your favourite net apps from the well-designed sidebar.

Apps may be pinned withinside the stated sidebar, and in addition,, they have their personal history. You also can configure every net app with regards to notifications and signals to flawlessly healthy your painting style.

Of course, you may nonetheless use tabs, and advantage of their unique functionality, however,, you may not always need to do it. At least now no longer so regularly, anyway.

Workspaces are amazing. Here's why

Another amazing function of Sidekick is the truth that it lets you exchange money owed with ease, something that maximum browsers war with. With Sidekick, you may have a couple of login periods for the equal platform/net app.

Needless to say, this creates quite a few opportunities and precise workflows (for example, you may paint on tasks at an equal time, everyone with a separate login, separate app Sidebar, and separate tabs).

All your tabs and periods are robotically stored through Sidekick. This way you may quickly begin a complete consultation with all of your tabs, favourite apps, and particular logins with one click.

And it's now no longer all. The cherry on the pinnacle of the productiveness cake is that you may additionally seek throughout all of your apps, all of your tabs, workplaces, and painting periods. Sidekick boasts a nifty browser-huge seek bar and, accept as true with us, it is extraordinarily beneficial and extraordinarily smooth to use. Just use the ALT+S keyboard shortcut, and you will see.

There's greater?

Here's what we have got discovered so far: Sidekick is a Chromium-primarily based totally browser that acts as an easy-strolling OS for all of your net apps.

It brings collectively all of your favourite net apps beneath neath an unmarried roof, each for private and expert paintings, it fixes maximum of the troubles of net app integration, it fixes the tab litter problem, it has a browser-huge seek function, and it lets in you to exchange among money owed while not having to sign off of the contemporary-day consultation.

Pretty marvellous so far, however it additionally blocks trackers unequivocally, blocks data-grabbing ads, it saves reminiscence through postponing tabs way to an AI-powered engine. The remaining trouble we need to cope with is collaboration. Sidekick offers nearly the whole lot you as a person require to paint together along with your favourite net apps in ideal harmony, however, by choosing the Pro or Teams plans, you get greater functionalities.

These extras assist you with percentage apps, bookmarks, advantage from integrated video name functionality, percentage passwords securely, and plenty greater.

The destiny of net browsers?

Sidekick can also additionally appear like a normal net browser at the beginning glance, however, make no mistake, there is an excellent threat that this browser will pave the manner for a brand new technology of net browsers to come.

We've already visible easy integration with Google Chrome and the company's suite of beneficial net apps. Sidekick takes matters a step similarly with its precise functionalities and clever features because its objective is to deliver collectively each net device you and your crew depend upon in a single unmarried fashionable and cutting-edge, exceptionally acquainted interface.


Free Edition:
  • Global search
  • Sidebar with apps
  • Chrome extensions
  • Free apps for Mac & Windows
  • Ad blocker
  • Tab suspender
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Chrome extensions
  • Gmail, GSuite, Outlook, Office 365
  • Up to 5 apps in the sidebar
Pro Edition:
  • Everything in Free
  • Team roles
  • Shared apps
  • Shared passwords
  • Up to 10 teammates
Team Edition:
  • Everything in Pro
  • Unlimited roles
  • Unlimited shared apps
  • Unlimited apps in the sidebar
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited shared passwords
Enterprise Edition:
  • Everything in Team
  • Browser advanced configuration
  • pre-install extensions, limit browser features
  • Activity tracking
  • Built-in VPN
  • 2FA and browser password protection
  • DLP, watermarks and event collection
  • Built-in video calls
  • Advanced Reporting

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