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Start Menu X 7.34 by Ordinarysoft

Start  Menu X is a substitution for the framework menu for experts. Power clients are much more seriously requesting, and it's to be expected - rather than an insignificant dozen of projects we have hundreds!

Figure out how to find and send off programs without looking over, additional snaps and moves. The menu is possibly supplanted when the program is stacked.

This Start Menu application adds itself to the autostart list during establishment, yet you can change this utilizing the MSConfig utility.

You can get to the program settings by right-tapping the program symbol in the notice region (close to the clock) or right-clicking anyplace in the menu.

The program can work in two modes - Basic mode and Virtual Gatherings mode. In the primary case, the whole rundown is displayed similarly as it shows up in the framework menu. You can pick the presentation mode during establishment or later in program settings.

  • Virtual Gatherings. Bunch programs by reason (office applications, illustrations, and so forth) without changing their area on the hard drive.
  • Single-tick send-off. The Ace rendition permits you to relegate an essential program to any envelope and Start it just by clicking this organizer.
  • Adaptable setup. Redo the menu as you would prefer! Change the construction and add tabs.
  • Long periods of involvement. The application is an exemplification of our 7-year experience in creating elective menu arrangements.

One-click launch

Start Menu X replaces the yellow organizer symbols with application symbols. Tapping on the organizer dispatches the application. To get to a submenu, float the cursor over an organizer for a couple of moments. For the principal send-off, the application sent-off is resolved naturally. Thusly, the application that you most as of late sent off turns into the organizer's "default application".

Virtual gatherings

Divide the items in any envelope into virtual gatherings without changing the area of documents on a plate. Virtual meetings can be collapsed and unfurled. Hence, you can invest less energy searching for things and change how data is shown by your conditions. This element showed up first in Start Menu X and is our development.

Admittance to any place on your PC

Tragically, in Windows 10, connections to organizers were eliminated from the framework menu. You are just given a rundown of utilizations, so in any event, gaining to the influence board from the menu has become undeniably challenging.

It's great that you have Start Menu X! With our program, you can design a modified rundown of organizers. An expansive determination of 25 framework envelopes and the capacity to add your own organizers or applications are what you really want to fit the menu to your singular necessities.

A fullscreen rundown of utilization

The Windows 10 framework menu and different applications that neglectfully duplicated the Windows 7 menu compel you to utilize a little window to choose applications. Therefore, you must continually look at this rundown and make bunches of pointless mouse developments.

We have fixed this disturbance in the connection point. Envelope contents utilize the whole screen and choosing an application just relies on how quick your eyes are. When joined with the "a single tick send off" include, the outcomes are staggering.

Clock-based power the board

With next to no extra applications or exertion, straightforwardly from the menu, you can set a clock to close down or rest your PC with a deferral. This component is useful for people who love to leave the PC on around evening time to deal with asset-escalated undertakings and the individuals who simply love to pay attention to music while they're making the rounds.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 with 64-bit support.


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