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CraveInvoice by Reflection Software

A simple and effective piece of software that allows you to effortlessly make quotes, and invoices, and handle receivables.

CraveInvoice Pro help you in managing various companies' clients and sales. Create quotes, sales invoices, and service invoices, as well as keep track of customer payment receipts. Create and send recurring bills. Quotes and invoices should be emailed directly to the customer.

Print invoices in bulk. Reports may be exported to various formats, including pdf, HTML, Excel, csv, xml, Word, RTF, png, jpg, gif, and others. You may quickly produce quotes for your customers using the application. You may also print and email quotations to your customers directly from the program. You may print the quotation on many quotation templates.

Make sales or service invoices and print them on various invoice templates. You may also email the invoice copy straight to your clients from within the program. CraveInvoice Pro enables you to keep track of invoicing data for one or more of your businesses. You can switch between firms without having to restart the app.

Track and manage customer receivables. This program allows you to conveniently track your company's receivables. When you receive a payment from a client, you may create a new receipt record and settle the received amount against numerous invoices or preserve it as an advance payment record.

Create and send recurring bills. Create and automate recurring invoices for any sales and services you deliver to your clients. A recurring invoice may be created based on an existing invoice record, and new invoices can be generated with the click of a button later.

Quotes and invoices can be printed in bulk. CraveInvoice Pro enables batch printing of quotes, sales invoices, and service invoices.

15+ reports on invoicing and sales analysis You will receive 15+ invoicing and sales analysis reports to help you keep track of your company's sales income and due client payments.

As previously stated, each utility operates on its own menu. Working with many windows, as unpleasant as it may be, aids in data collection and seeing different places at once. The required fields are essentially the same, allowing the application to be utilized in a variety of corporate settings.

Although invoicing does not require as much writing, it might take the same amount of time. This is because previously prepared values must be picked from various drop-down menus or numerical values must be entered. Aside from invoicing, a variety of reports may be generated for practically every item, customer, transaction, and delivery in the database.

Every piece of data you generate may be saved in an MDB or SQL Server database. Data may be imported and exported from and to existing databases. Furthermore, a built-in designer allows you to develop unique invoice and report templates for your business.
All things considered, CraveInvoice is a sophisticated program that can integrate with several areas of activity to save all data required to operate a business.

Although the graphics may not appeal to everyone, it is extremely customizable, with several import and export choices, a built-in report creator, and other features to fulfil all of your needs.

Highlights of CraveInvoice:
  • Simple to learn and apply
  • Adaptable invoice report templates
  • Import existing data from CSV (Excel) files into the program.
  • Manage many enterprises in various currencies.
  • Email reports directly from the program
  • Tax management that is adaptable and multifaceted
  • Tool for batch printing
  • A system with several users (central database over a network)
  • Database backup and restoration
  • The user interface is password secured.

Supported Operating Systems: from Windows XP to Windows 10.


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