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Microsoft PC Manager Beta Free Download

A collection of non-intrusive maintenance, Cleaning, and Security programs that help you keep your computer running at peak speed.

Microsoft PC Manager is a free tool that assists you in managing your computer. It provides an assessment of your computer's health, performance, and security, as well as advice on how to improve it.

It also allows you to adjust the settings and apps on your PC and gives quick access to help and troubleshooting information.

Microsoft's new PC Manager program consolidates many of these maintenance and performance functions into a single location. It makes it much easier to keep your Windows PC working properly.

To work optimally, your PC, like any other machine, requires routine maintenance. Microsoft built a program to assist you in keeping your machine in good repair and protecting it from attacks. It's called Microsoft PC Manager, and it includes a one-click performance boost, system health check and repair, and virus protection all in one user-friendly tool.

The majority of the functionality of Microsoft PC Manager is already built into Windows, but this tool pulls it all together in one location, making it easy to clean up and optimize your computer. It is a complete utility that combines performance tools with security features to enable quick and easy system maintenance.

It is a wonderful technique to secure your computer and boost its performance. PC management offers PC cleanup, antivirus, and Windows updates, ensuring the safety and security of your machine! Safeguard your computer quietly and dependably.

When you launch the PC Manager program, a compact and tidy interface with two primary parts appears: Cleanup and Security. Each tab provides several tools that may be accessed and used separately. This is what you get.

There are no new maintenance tools added to Windows by the PC Manager program. Instead, it makes it easy to easily access multiple existing tools. If you're sick of browsing Windows for methods to boost speed, the PC Manager program is well worth a go.

Cleanup tools, storage and a process manager

The cleaning features in Microsoft PC Manager let you assess the health of your system and highlight any faults or issues that require your attention. To save resources, system logs may be cleaned and starting apps can be simply regulated. Furthermore, selecting the "Boost" button in the main window cleans out temporary files and frees up system memory, which is very useful if you have an older computer.

There is also a built-in process manager, which, unlike Windows' Task Manager, only shows unused processes and not all of them. You can disable any of these to enhance system speed and RAM use.

You may manage huge files or uninstall infrequently used programs to reduce space using the built-in storage manager. Furthermore, Microsoft PC Manager may do a thorough cleansing analysis to eliminate unnecessary logs and data from Windows Updates, Microsoft Defender, the browser cache, and other temporary files.

Anti-threat scanning, browser protection and popup blocking

As previously stated, Microsoft PC Manager includes basic security capabilities. It is not a full-fledged antivirus, but it does allow you to search for threats and prevent suspicious changes.

The built-in malware scanner may evaluate key system locations and look at starting programs, installed browser extensions, operating services, drivers, and other system places to detect possible threats based on Windows Defender definitions. Other tools for keeping your PC safe include pop-up blockers and browser protection.

Performance booster and security tool in a single app

Microsoft PC Manager is a collection of Windows applications that allows for one-click performance enhancement, system cleanup and storage management, health checks, and threat detection. With its assistance, you may not only refresh and speed up your computer but also check its health and eradicate dangerous dangers with a few clicks.

Microsoft PC Manager Features:

Boost your PC

  • Clean up your system and free up spaces.
  • Boost your PC’s performance.

Manage your storage

  • Give your PC a spring cleaning and manage large files.
  • Use storage sense to let Windows free up storage for you.

Health checkup

  • Find and fix issues fast.
  • Scan and clear threats with one click.

Professional Antivirus protection

Compatible with Windows 10 (1809 and above), and Windows 11.

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