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ABBYY FineReader PDF For iOS & Android Giveaway Code

The clever AI-powered scanner ABBYY FineReader PDF for iOS and Android. Users may use it to transform their mobile device into a universal tool for instantly capturing documents and books, creating electronic copies in PDF and JPEG, and extracting text from scans for editing and sharing. The extracted content is editable and shareable in the 12 most common office formats, including Word, Excel, and PDF. Furthermore, the pulls text from scans even when there is no internet connection.

Every contemporary smartphone is a capable computer. So why not utilize it for document storage, complete with immaculate scans and online and offline text recognition-all in the palm of your hand? FineReader PDF for iOS and Android is the younger brother of the world-renowned FineReader PDF.

FineReader PDF Mobile is an intelligent mobile scanner driven by AI that swiftly captures documents, generates electronic copies in PDF and JPEG, and extracts text from scans without the need for an internet connection. FineReader PDF Mobile supports conversion into the top 12 document formats. The app combines a mobile scanner and PDF editor in one. You can now scan, identify, convert, annotate, sign, and distribute documents without having to utilize numerous applications.

FineReader PDF Mobile is an excellent tool for scanning any paper document—agreements, IDs, bills, handwritten notes, and so on. Typically, images of papers taken with standard smartphone cameras have poor focus, contrast, and perspective. FineReader PDF Mobile enhances the quality of your images greatly. It improves photos by eliminating extraneous backgrounds (such as desks or tables), correcting perspective, reshaping the image into a rectangle, and adding sharpness and contrast filters.

FineReader PDF for iOS has a BookScan capability. BookScan is a one-of-a-kind capability for rapidly and simply scanning books. It is significantly faster to photograph two facing pages at the same time than to photograph each of them separately. Furthermore, photographs of book pages are virtually always warped since the pages do not lie flat while a book is open. BookScan splits facing book pages into two separate images, removes any defects, and straightens curved text lines to produce scan-like images that can be OCRed with high accuracy.

You may extract text from photographs or documents whether online or offline. The online recognition mode supports 193 languages and exports to 12 document formats while retaining your original text's layout. This means that the identified text will appear just as it did in the original photo, but it will now be editable. Offline mode recognizes 63 languages and outputs plain text to TXT format. The recognition is done locally on the device in this mode.

FineReader PDF Mobile allows you to convert any paper into an editable document in under a minute, make changes and edits, share, or print.

Choose the best method for sharing documents: email, any compatible app via the Open in the menu, saving to the smartphone's gallery, or cloud storage. FineReader PDF for iOS supports cloud storage export to nine different services, including iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive for Business. The Android app allows you to export to Google Drive. Scans can be transmitted to cloud storage manually or automatically, depending on the settings.

The most recent FineReader PDF Mobile feature is a link to FineReader PDF 15 for Windows. Scans created with a mobile app can be exported to the Windows app so that they can be worked on a computer. The feature is accessible through Google Drive and requires a Google Account.

Key Features:

  • Instead of the desktop scanner
  • Scan any text and save scans to JPEG images or cross-platform PDF documents
  • Copybooks twice faster
  • Extract text from scans
  • Capture with Al
  • Annotate scans
  • Export anywhere

Download ABBYY FineReader PDF for your phone:

Play Store    App Store

Install the FineScanner app via the App Store or Google Play. Open the app and tap the menu at the top left. Tap on “More …” in the menu then press & keep “About”.

Enter the exclusive code there, which you can find below.

License Code: FRHEISE22


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