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ASCOMP PDF-Compress Professional Full Version Giveaway

One of the best PDF compression programs is Ascomp PDF-compress, which can make PDF files smaller. Depending on the PDF's structure and content, it can shrink the file size by up to 95% without noticeably compromising the quality. Depending on your needs, you can compress a single PDF file or many PDF files using a rather simple user interface. The ability of Ascomp PDF-compress to remove annotations and blank pages from PDF files as well as lower the picture quality of the photos contained in PDF documents is its next benefit.

A good program for minimizing the size of PDF files is Ascomp PDF-compress Pro. You may make PDF files smaller with this simple utility, making them easier to share.

Complex texts, diagrams, pictures, and forms may all be displayed and shared in PDF format. On the other side, PDF files are frequently exceedingly huge, which makes it difficult to transfer them.

We utilize PDF files because they maintain quality, however, distributing a large document can occasionally be a hassle. A Windows program called Ascomp PDF-compress was created to help you resize and optimize large PDF files.

You may use PDF compress to reduce the size of your PDF files so that they don't take up more space than is necessary. Compression rates of up to 95% are feasible, depending on the layout and content of the PDF file. They attained an average compression rate of roughly 50% in a test with more than a thousand PDF files drawn at random from various sources.

Multiple compression techniques are used by PDF-compress.

For instance, I can use special optimization technology (MRC), losslessly compress the document's graphics, and remove blank pages and annotations from the PDF structure. Additionally, it may execute a web display optimization and can reduce the visual quality in phases.

Key Features:
  • It allows you to easily and quickly compress your PDF files for more comfortable sharing.
  • Capable of compression up to 95%.
  • Recompress the images contained in the PDF documents
  • Reduce the image quality of the image contained in the PDF files
  • Compresses the images contained in the PDF documents using JBIG2/ JPEG2000
  • You can optimize the file size by removing the annotations and remove blank pages
Supported OS: Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7/Vista, Windows XP

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