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CDRoller 11.90.50 | Data Recovery Software

CDRoller is a strong, user-friendly, and low-cost Data Recovery solution for CD/DVD/BD/HD-DVD/Flash media. It discovers and recovers accidentally deleted data, files in damaged folders, files on mistakenly closed drives, and so on.

CDRoller successfully recovers data from discs made by "drag and drop" CD/DVD/BD authoring software. Sonic (Roxio, Adaptec) and Ahead Nero software packages, CeQuadrat's PacketCD, DLA, B's CLiP, and others are examples.

It can also recover lost photographs, videos, and other sorts of information from flash memory cards. SmartMedia, Memory Stick, CompactFlash, xD Picture Cards and other flash memory drives are examples.

CDRoller is a user-friendly piece of software that allows you to recover data from a variety of discs, including corrupt or damaged CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and others.

CDRoller also provides an all-in-one DVD video Recovery toolkit. It recovers lost DVD movies and converts VOB or VRO data to generic MPG files. Finally, it creates a new disc that can be played in the majority of DVD players.

After a quick and easy installation, you may run the program via the optionally created desktop shortcut.

The primary window of CDRoller is quite simple to comprehend and use, and it also offers various advice on how to get started if you are unsure how to use it properly.

To begin, insert the disc that you wish to attempt and recover into the computer. Keep in mind that CDRoller will most likely be unable to detect anything on physically damaged things.

After entering the CD or DVD to be recovered, select 'Recover All,' 'Recover DVD Video,' or 'Recover Selected,' depending on your needs. The tool will attempt to identify the file type and restore the file tree, and you may specify whether you wish to target 'Files and Folders,' 'Files Only,' or 'Folders Only' before the procedure.

The returned data will be exported to a previously specified directory, allowing you to immediately discover the files and safely save them to avoid future losses or begin working with them right away if they are crucial papers required for your projects.

Furthermore, CDRoller allows you to 'Split Video' from the returned data on your disc, but you can also 'Burn' new files into an empty CD or DVD and delete data from a presently used disc.

CDRoller Key Features:

  • Recovers video and photos from unfinished DVDs made by a variety of standalone devices that record straight onto discs.: Hitachi, Sony Handycam, Canon, Panasonic, and Samsung DVD camcorders as well as standalone video recorders.
  • Reads unfinalized (“open”, “left as-is”) CDs and DVDs, including the discs with Microsoft’s Live File system, formatted “like flash drive” under Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11.
  • Recovers the lost files from the discs created by CD/DVD/Blu-ray writing software, such as well-known Sonic (Roxio, Adaptec) and Ahead Nero software packages, CeQuadrat’s PacketCD, DLA, B’s CLiP and many others.
  • Converts the recovered VOB or VRO video data into generic MPEG-2 files without loss of quality. In contrast to VOB files, MPG ones can be viewed properly with the help of Windows native players.
  • Makes new DVD-video discs that can be played back in most DVD players.
  • Recovers M2TS video files on the mini discs that were not finalized by AVCHD camcorders.
  • Converts the recovered MPEG-2 (*.mpg) and AVCHD (.m2ts) files into MP4 video files with support of H.264, H.265/HEVC, Libvpx-VP8, Xvid and native MPEG-4 video codecs.
  • Extracts and saves selected fragments of recovered video as a separate video file.
  • Finds and retrieves accidently deleted files, files located in corrupted folders, files on incorrectly closed disks, etc.
  • Recovers CD data are written by Sony Mavica CD digital cameras.
  • Examines images (pictures, photos) of all major graphic formats (BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, PCX, PSD, EPS, TIFF, WMF, ICO, TGA), popular digital camera raw formats, DICOM files (medical imaging) and many others.
  • Recovers lost audio files on the flash memory built into voice recorders, such as Sony, Olympus, Ritmix, etc.
  • “On-the-fly” unpacks the files initially compressed by Roxio (Adaptec) DirectCD.
  • Retrieves backup files from the discs recorded in several stages (multisession discs).

More Features:

  • Includes a built-in CD/DVD/BD data burner. There is no need to run third-party CD/DVD/BD mastering software if you wish to burn a new DVD-video disc or backup your files and folders immediately after recovery.
  • Erases CD, DVD and BD re-writable media. Supports quick and full erase methods.
  • Examines disc sectors at a low level. Displays the sector content in text, binary, hexadecimal or Unicode mode. It also scans all sectors of a disc (selected track or file) for particular data.
  • Supports external hex editor for detailed analysis of disc contents at a low level.
  • Allows direct examination of the content of the selected files at a low level.
  • Scans files for particular data (content), regardless of the file names and/or extensions. Supports Perl-like regular expressions (PCRE library) for creating match patterns.
  • Reads ISO image files (*.iso), disk image files recorded in Expert Witness Compression Format (*.E01, *.L01, *.S01), Linux / Unix Disk Dump (*.dd) files and Microsoft Virtual Disk Images in VHD and VHDX formats (*.vhd, *.vhdx files).
  • Creates disk image files (byte-to-byte copy) of the entire drive, a logical disk or a selected partition.
  • Identifies the lost files on ISO/Joliet discs with the damaged file system (volume descriptors, path tables and directories), using the raw data only.
  • Rescues the data from scratched, damaged or defective discs.
  • Creates and uses their own image file to manage disc sectors.
  • Digitally extracts audio tracks into a wide set of wave formats.
  • Tests disc readability.
  • Extracts ISO Image file. Burns ISO Image file to a new disc.
  • Catalogues files and folders into CD/DVD library.
  • Calculates MD5 hash values for recovered files, created ISO Image file (*.iso file) or extracted data track.
  • Creates and uses spare files to verify and fix backup files. Keeps valuable files safe on optical discs (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray).

To summarize, CDRoller is an effective and dependable tool that can successfully aid you in rescuing data and folders from broken or damaged discs, whether they be photographs, documents, or videos while saving you a substantial amount of time.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

Support of wide set of CD, DVD, BD and HD-DVD formats such as:

  • CD formats (CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-WO, CD-ROM XA and Mixed-Mode)
  • CD format CD-MRW (“Mt. Rainier” CD-RW),
  • Blu-ray disc (BD) formats (BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL, BD-RE DL).
  • High Definition DVD (HD-DVD) formats (HD-ROM, HD DVD-R, HD DVD-RAM).

Supported File Systems:

  • ISO 9660 file system, including so-called Joliet and Rock Ridge extensions for long file names (Windows and Unix file names).
  • Universal Disk Format (UDF), including versions 1.02, 1.50, 2.0, 2.01, 2.50, 2.60 and the so-called UDF Bridge format.
  • FAT32 (for DVD-RAM and BD-RE discs).
  • NTFS / FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32 / exFAT / Ext2 / Ext3 / UDF (for hard and flash drives, memory cards and floppy disks).


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