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Google Brings Continuous Scrolling For Desktop Search Results in The U.S.

Google has announced that they would be delivering continuous scrolling to desktops in English in the United States, allowing you to easily see more search results. You may now see up to six pages of results when you reach the bottom of a search results page.

The update is similar to how current social media feeds function, albeit Google's version lacks the "infinite scroll" that social network users are accustomed to. According to Google, a search will now deliver six pages of results in a single scroll before providing consumers with a "See more" option to see extra results.

For as long as most people can remember, search results have been split up into multiple linked sites that consumers must go through to continue exploring. Google argues that continual scrolling would make surfing results faster and easier, but some users may overlook how sites frequently serve as a natural breaker for them to ponder if they have all the information they need.

Google made a remark. "As of today, we're delivering continuous scrolling to desktop, so users can keep seeing more useful search results with fewer clicks." "With more information at your fingertips, it's now even simpler to get inspired," a Google spokeswoman told Search Engine Land.

"Now, when you scroll down, you'll see more relevant results, allowing you to explore new ideas." When you reach the bottom of a search results page, Google will automatically display up to six pages of results until you see a "More results" option if you choose to continue.

American English This is currently being deployed over English search results in the United States, and it may take some time until it is entirely carried out across all U.S.

According to Google, the change will be implemented initially for English queries originating in the United States. The corporation launched continuous scroll to its name-brand mobile app in October, so the functionality is expected to be expanded to additional nations and languages in the future.


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