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Icecream PDF Converter PRO 2.89 Giveaway KEY

An easy-to-use and dependable tool that allows users to convert PDF files to other formats and documents to PDF.

Icecream PDF Converter PRO is a simple-to-use but powerful PDF converting program. Icecream PDF Converter PRO includes the most powerful capabilities to meet your needs. You can now receive a free license key for Icecream PDF Converter PRO right here.

Because it can hold a wide range of information in a relatively small-sized document, PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is frequently used for files sent over the Internet.

However, because this format is not natively supported by earlier Windows versions, you may use specialist converters, such as Icecream PDF Converter, to avoid installing a third-party tool anytime you need to open a PDF file.

The application has a basic, yet straightforward GUI (Graphical User Interface) that invites even inexperienced users to choose which PDF files to process.

Alternatively, you may drag and drop one or more source documents, whether password-protected or not, onto the app's main window (you will be required to enter the correct passkey to ensure smooth conversion later on).

Depending on your needs, you may convert PDF files to JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, EPS, HTML, or WMF, as well as define the page range.

Another useful feature of this software solution is the ability to convert several formats to PDF with a single mouse click. JPG, PNG, BMP, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, HTML, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, and ODS are among the supported formats.

Whatever source type you select, you get to specify the destination folder as well as the title, publisher, and password for the newly-generated PDF.

If you wish to process a huge PDF file, you may divide it while converting it to your desired format, so that each page of the document is a separate file.

You may also merge the created PDF files into a single huge one with the title and publisher of your choice. The layout options can also be customized to your satisfaction.

Overall, Icecream PDF Converter may be used by anybody searching for a simple tool that can convert documents to and from PDF without much effort.

Key Features:

  • Add many files to the PDF Converter queue and convert them all at once.
  • PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG, EPUB, MOBI, BMP, XLS, TIFF, ODT, HTML, and more formats are supported.
  • Layout options
  • Choose which pages of a PDF file to convert to pictures.
  • Combine many papers or photos into a single PDF file.
  • When combining files into a single PDF, change the file sequence.

  • This is a lifetime license for version 2.89
  • No free upgrades to future versions
  • No free technical support

Supported OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7

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