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Is This How Windows 12 Might Look Like?

Avdan, the concept creator, has designed a concept idea for a future version of Windows called Windows 12.

A few months ago, a source revealed Microsoft's plans to resume releasing a major Windows edition every three years. Although no official confirmations have been provided by Microsoft, the business has already spoilt the surprise by displaying an early prototype with some significant user interface modifications. Users are busy crafting concept films while waiting for Microsoft to confirm or refute reports regarding Windows "12," and we think Microsoft might learn a thing or two from this one (via BetaNews).

I'm not a fan of DIY Windows concepts, but this one sticks out due to some great ideas and neat gimmicks. They attempt to improve the appearance and usefulness of current Windows 11 features. A more dynamic widget section, for example, featuring a media player, calendar schedule, stocks, and weather. Other types of alerts, such as connected Bluetooth devices, might be displayed on the other side of the taskbar.

The proposal also reworks the fast settings area, with the main emphasis on usefulness rather than appearance. When you open the flyout, Bluetooth devices and accessible Wi-Fi networks display without requiring an additional click.

Quick Settings in a Windows 12 concept

The way it reworks Windows Widgets and default backgrounds is my favourite aspect of this concept. In addition to the conventional Windows Widget board, the video's "Windows 12" adds the option to pin widgets to the desktop and have the wallpaper react to them. It produces a nice-looking desktop with plenty of opportunity for customization, as well as widgets where they should be.

Windows widgets from a Windows 12 concept video

Finally, the concept's developer gives a different perspective on multitasking by dividing two programs into one window and arranging files into collections within File Explorer (similar to collections in Microsoft Edge).

File Explorer Collections feature in a Windows 12 concept

Overall, I really appreciate how well-made this concept is, the concept it offers, and the way it maintains harmony between the features and the looks. If only Microsoft would take the concepts and use them in the upcoming major release of Windows rather than saturating the platform with intrusive advertisements. Via Neowin


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