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PC Trek Browser Password Recovery Tool Free Giveaway

With a single click, PC Trek Browser Password Recovery Tool checks and recovers your passwords in all web browsers on your computer. This password recovery tool is compatible with practically all common browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (both Legacy and Chromium), Opera, Firefox, Brave, and others. Following recovery, you may either copy each password's details for future use or export all passwords to a text file.

If you've forgotten or misplaced your passwords for your favourite websites, this program can help you retrieve them in a matter of seconds.

In the internet world, having a firm hold on your sensitive data, such as passwords, can be more difficult than it sounds, and disregarding this element can frequently lead to more significant concerns. Keeping all of your passwords neatly tucked away and safe is usually a good idea, but if things go wrong and you misplace or forget them, Browser Password Recovery Tool can come in handy. Its automated detection engine will help you to retrieve your website credentials in a matter of minutes.

Running a search immediately after the nearly instantaneous deployment will swiftly discover numerous aspects: the installed browsers that contain saved login data, as well as the related credentials and their attributes.

The resizable column view, which provides users with some flexibility, makes it easy to visualize the details. Furthermore, sorting the data according to each is also feasible, hence making things simpler when dealing with multiple entries.

Feature Details
Recover usernames and passwords of practically all browsers "Custom Password Recovery" mode: allows you to recover usernames and passwords for practically all Chromium or Firefox-based browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, Epic Privacy Browser, and Torch.
Sort and search retrieved passwords
Export the outcome to a text file

Install it before Dec 08, 2022

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