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What's New in Brave Version 1.46 With Chrome 108

This current release features various Wallet improvements, some UI tweaks, Brave News updates, right-side display support for the sidebar, HTTPS-Only mode for Private Windows with Tor, and more. The browser has also gotten bug patches and an upgrade to Chrome version 108, which includes 28 security improvements, 8 of which are classified as high risk, so make sure your browser is up to date.

Brave 1.46 is already live, and most desktop devices should be automatically updated. Users may check the version of the browser they are using by going to brave:/settings/help or by going to Menu > Help > About Brave.

When you access a page, the browser does an update scan and downloads and installs any new updates that are discovered.

Brave Software refers to the updates to the news component as Brave News 2.0. The primary enhancements were mentioned in a blog post on the official website.

Brave News, in addition to being available in other locations such as Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom, may now give customized recommendations to the user. According to Brave, the algorithm operates locally on the device and no data ever leaves the Browser

Brave News personalizes articles based on your browser history. It builds these recommendations on previously visited sites and sites that users currently follow. New Brave News readers are automatically followed by "top content," which they may disable using the personalised option.

Brave News prioritizes information you follow in your feed and recommends new sources to follow based on your browser activity and the sites you currently follow. Brave finds sites that are similar to one another and secretly suggests options in Settings, where you may choose to follow and add them to your feed.

Improved source management and a new follow button make it easier for users to subscribe to channels, among other new News-related improvements. This follows button will be made available later this month. It appears on websites with an RSS feed to make following Brave News easier.

Brave has launched additional content channels to its browser, including a gaming channel that aggregates gaming news from various sources. It should be noted that advertisements may show in the news stream, and there does not appear to be a way to disable them.

While Brave News does support RSS, it is not currently an option for RSS news readers. The browser lacks any form of display settings, import or export capabilities, folder support, and many other things that other RSS readers, including QuiteRSS and RSS Guard, provide.

Other changes in Brave 1.46:

All changes are detailed in the official release notes by Brave Software. Aside from numerous crypto-related changes, the following enhancements stand out:

  • Support for multiple custom background images added to the New Tab Page.
  • Windows users may pin the browser to the Task, and Mac users may enable the "keep in Dock" option.
  • Brave Shields settings are accessible under brave://settings/content.
  • Right-side display support for the sidebar was added.
  • HTTPS-only mode for private windows with TOR enabled.
  • The font appearance of non-English characters improved.
  • Debouncing updated to apply only to cross-site navigations.
  • Adblock components updated to use plaintext lists.
  • Side panel display settings are enabled again under brave://settings/appearance.
  • Upgraded to Chromium 108.0.5359.71.

Keep an eye out for new stuff that is posted regularly.

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