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WindowBlinds 11.1.0 by Stardock

Stardock WindowBlinds is a program that allows you to personalize your Windows desktop interface! WindowBlinds allows you to customize the aesthetic effect of your Windows desktop, from the start panel to the taskbar, window frames, and control buttons.

It works by introducing different visual styles, known as skins, to the operating system's whole user interface (title bars, push buttons, start menu, taskbar, and so on). As a result, users have total discretion over how Windows appears.

Even though there are thousands of various visual designs, you can also personalize those visual styles. You have complete control over your graphical user interface using WindowBlinds. It allows you to alter the colour of your Windows GUI, as well as add textures to "Aero" or skins.

Furthermore, the program can change your wallpaper and give each window a unique appearance. You can also select a new Windows taskbar and Start button.

Microsoft has regularly introduced graphic upgrades to its operating system over the years, yet some individuals are still unhappy with its design.

This is where software like WindowBlinds comes in helpful since they allow users to radically alter the appearance of their system.

WindowBlinds contains several styles that entirely alter their PCs in an attempt to give you a taste of what the application can offer.

Each of them may be previewed in its own area, so you can see how the Start Menu, taskbar, and Windows Explorer windows will look.

The following stage is to further personalize a style by adding your own unique touches. You may change the accent colour and primary skin colour, as well as the blur effects and transparency factors. You may change the font type and size to your desire.

You may also add unique texture effects to the window frames, taskbar, or Start Menu, and use one of the stock photos or your own.

A very useful feature of WindowBlinds is the ability to build a list of apps that will not be impacted by whatever skin you apply to the operating system.

Alternatively, if the programs are compatible, you may create totally new appearances for them. For example, you may change the look of a utility while also eliminating title bar skinning and scrollbars.

You also have some choices to enable if you have any problems with glassy regions, or if you wish to restrict the app from utilizing glass or applying themes on controls.

In a nutshell, WindowBlinds offers users a wide range of features for improving the appearance of their machines. While novices will most likely stick with the default styles, experts will undoubtedly experiment with the plethora of customization options.
WindowBlinds Features:
  • Visual Styles. Choose from a variety of skins included with WindowBlinds or from the hundreds of skins available for download at
  • Alternative SkinsSome skins have multiple sub-styles that you can use to suit your preferences. Style combinations can also be saved as presets for later use.
  • Modify Skins. Personalize any of Windows' default themes or skins acquired from
  • Fonts. Change the typefaces used by your skins with ease.
  • Transparency. Make your skins the focal point of your design or let them blend into the background.
  • Colours. WindowBlinds' setup menu allows for fast colour changes.
  • TexturesApply one of the textures included with WindowBlinds or one of your own creations to any skin to make it unique.
  • Explorer Backgrounds. Customize white explorer windows by using different explorer backgrounds.
    • The setup is simple. The streamlined setup panel makes configuring your desktop quick and easy. Instantly preview your choices and changes before applying them to your desktop.
    • Presets. You may store any modifications and tweaks you make to the skin as a preset. Presets allow you to easily retrieve prior adjustments and apply them to the skin.
    • Skins at random. WindowBlinds allows you to change skins at random intervals.
    • Skinning is done for each application. Choose skins for each sort of application. WindowBlinds, for example, allows your word-processing applications to utilize a different skin than your design programs.
        • Design your own skins. SkinStudio, WindowBlinds' powerful companion application, is a skin editor that allows you to create your own visual styles. SkinStudio allows you to customize your controls, start menu, taskbars, explorer windows, color back, grounds, and more.
        • Easy to use. SkinStudio will modify just the aspects of the Windows GUI that you wish to change. With this amount of freedom, even unskilled users may easily build fantastic skin. Even advanced users may have fun creating every part of the GUI.

        Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 11


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