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Windows 10 Drops Below 70% Market Share For The First Time Ever & Windows 11 increases Slightly

According to the most recent Statcounter poll data for November 2022, Windows 10 remains in the first place, with Windows 11 following substantially in second place and Windows 7 remaining in third place.

Statcounter has released its November 2022 report, which includes the most recent statistics on OS systems and browsers. According to the statistics, Windows 10 fell below 70% for the first time in November 2022. Although Microsoft's operating system remains the market leader, its market share gradually declines as the replacement gains popularity. According to Statcounter, Windows 10 currently has a 69.77% market share, a -1.49 % Decrease over the previous month.

Windows 11 isn't breaking any speed records, but it's still gaining progress at a relatively gradual but consistent pace. According to the November 2022 data, Windows 11 is presently at 16.12%, a +0.67 increase over October 2022.

Windows 7 is still the third most popular operating system, with a market share that is nearly identical to Windows 11 - around 10.24% (+0.62). Microsoft intends to discontinue the Extended Security Updates program for Windows 7 early next year, meaning the OS's market share will likely decline even quicker. However, many consumers will continue to use Windows 7, prompting some developers to explore extending product support.

Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 have 2.54% and 0.79% (+0.09 and +0.1, respectively). Windows XP, already eight years old, still has a 0.4% market share.

Despite having over 1.5 billion active devices, Windows is not the most prevalent operating system. Android has this distinction with a 43.37% (-1.13) market share, while Windows is second with 29.24% (-0.93) and iOS is third with 17.25%. (-0.32). More information on the most recent Statcounter report may be found on the official website.


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