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Aiseesoft Phone Mirror Free License KEY Giveaway 2023

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror
is a steady and simple to-utilize screen reflecting programming intended for the Windows operating system to reflect iOS/Android Phones to the PC.

With it, you can all the while show all the substance on the Phone screen like pictures, recordings, music, games, messages, and others to the more excellent screen. Different from other programs, it offers helpful ways for the association. You can associate cell phones and PCs with Wi-Fi, USB, WLAN, and so forth.

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror
 isn't restricted to screen reflection, it likewise accompanies other supportive instruments including a screen recorder, whiteboard, and screen captor to assist you with having better encounters.

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror empowers clients to reflect their iOS/Android gadgets to the PC effectively, all the while, and steadily. Plus, clients can project their telephone screens to the PC without quality misfortune. Also, it permits interfacing various cell phones with the most recent working frameworks like iOS 16, Android 12, etc.

Reflect All Satisfied Displayed on Phone Screen to PC Continuously
Need to play recordings put away in your iPhone on a bigger screen? Would you like to sit around moving media documents from your telephone to the PC? You can utilize Aiseesoft Phone Mirror to protect the screen of your iOS/Android telephone to your PC to handily take care of these issues.

Furthermore, when you are playing music and versatile games, sending messages to other people, seeing a PPT record, and working other applications on your cell phone, you likewise can utilize this Phone reflect programming to make seeing these exercises in the work area materialize.

Adaptable Ways Of reflecting iOS/Android Phones to PCs
Aiseesoft Phone Mirror offers various strategies for interfacing for you to choose from. It upholds building the association between cell phones and PCs with Wi-Fi.

Assuming you are an iOS client, you need to guarantee that your gadget and the PC are associated with a similar WLAN and open the Screen Reflecting the interface. On the off chance that you are an Android client, you can reflect your Phone with Wi-Fi by checking the QR code or contributing the PIN code. However, when you need to reflect your Phone without Wi-Fi, you likewise can project your Android telephone screen to a PC with a USB.

Reflect Different Cell phones to PC Consistently and Securely
Aiseesoft Telephone Mirror gives clients a steady and safe climate during screen projection. Along these lines, you can reflect your telephone screen without a hitch and don't need to stress over uncovering your security. Likewise, it is viable with most iOS gadgets (iPhone 13 Master Max/13 Ace/13/13 small, iPhone SE 3, iPhone 12 Genius Max/12 Star/12/12 scaled down, and all models of iPad Ace, iPad Air, iPad little, iPad, and so on) and Android gadgets (Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Google Telephone, from there, the sky is the limit).

Aiseesoft Phone Mirror empowers iOS/Android clients to reflect iOS/Android gadgets to PC effectively without quality misfortune.

Feature Highlights
  • Mirror iOS/Android phones screen to computers
  • Cast the screen of your iOS/Android phone to your computer in real-time
  • Record your phone screen on your computer during mirroring
  • Take phone screenshots anytime on your computer and save them
  • You can draw and input text on the phone screen via a computer
  • Scaling your phone screen on your computer from 50% to 375%
  • This software is easy to use, simultaneously and stably.
  • Support multiple mobile devices with the latest operating systems like iOS 16, Android 12, etc.

Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

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