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VovSoft Batch URL Downloader Free Giveaway

VovSoft Batch URL Downloader
is an easy and easy-to-use downloader for downloading documents in batches. This software program helps you to download documents from more than one hyperlink and keep them as a part of the identical task. Besides, it can accelerate the procedure of downloading a big wide variety of documents from the URL listing.

Provide a listing of URLs and download a big wide variety of documents in a single brief operation, with this very primary however easy-to-use application

Download managers have come to be pretty popular, for diverse reasons. Many of them can lessen download times, and quite a plenty of them permit you to keep more than one document at once. However, a number of those packages can be greater complicated than a few customers could like.

Batch URL Downloader is one of the handiest programs of its kind, so it may show to be an excellent opportunity for overly-complicated download managers. It allows you to keep more than one document as a part of an identical task, however, it gives no different features.

Download more than one document in brief succession
While this application isn’t precisely full of features, it's miles really well worth appreciating simply how easy it's miles to use. Essentially, all you need to do is paste a listing of URLs withinside the textual content subject after which click on the Download All button.

The documents could be stored in brief succession, and the task’s development is displayed withinside the fame bar. If you want to download a big wide variety of documents and want to keep away from saving them individually, this software can in reality show helpful.

Offers no superior features
We’ve already protected all of Batch URL Downloader’s functions, and because of this that it does now no longer provide such things as download acceleration, velocity monitoring, throttling and so on.

Also, it isn't always feasible to pause a download task and resume it at a later date. If you shut up this system even as an operation is underway, the modern download is cancelled and the URL listing is lost.

Rudimentary download manager
In the end, Batch URL Downloader isn’t going to show very beneficially in maximum situations, even though it may in reality accelerate the procedure of downloading a big wide variety of documents from a URL listing.

As a download manager, however, the software comes without superior features, and it doesn’t even permit you to pause and resume operations.

Feature Highlights
  • Vovsoft Batch URL Downloader is a URL downloader for PC to download files and save your computer
  • This tool also allows you to download multiple URLs at the same time as part of the same job
  • You just copy and paste a list of URLs in the text field and then click the “Download All” button
  • The application includes “URL Grabber” and “Scheduler”, which support single-threaded (one by one in order) and multi-threaded downloading.
  • SSL/TLS and GZIP-enabled web servers are also supported
Language Support: English, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, German, Japanese, Chinese, and more…
Operating System: Windows

Download VovSoft Batch URL Downloader V4.1

License KEY: B17GH-4ZAPV-4JUZE

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